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Unfortunately, the possibility of violence is all too real in today’s world. As with other types of emergencies, professionals in hospitality should be ready to perform their jobs under stressful conditions. Integrity, calm and professionalism are the necessary character traits if violence erupts or hotel security is threatened.

A commitment to a safe living environment for staff and guests requires strategic planning and   `resources. Before a plan is put in place, identifying the risks that can adversely impact on the performance and profitability are paramount. Managing risk requires innovative access control solutions to avoid and reduce any large disruption in service and control the economic impact after loss has occurred.

If the hospitality executive is committed to a safe environment for staff and guests, having a large security staff alone does not insure adequate safety or security. Officers must be properly trained, supervised and adhere to established policies and protocols. Tasks should be clearly defined for all staff members and a team approach to problem solving should be organized and tested routinely.

What are the benefits?

Evaluating and mitigating risk; reducing insurance and workers’ compensation costs; protecting your assets (guests, visitors and property); managing your liability and exposure to personal injury claims; ensuring you are compliant with all building codes and ordinances related to fire safety; OSHSA, etc. These are just some of the important areas a well thought out security solution will address and have a positive impact on.