Security Services

We undertake contracting with leading industrial/business houses to provide foolproof static activities, prevent fire and fight it effectively to avoid loss/damage to the personal stores and other property as well as add to the image of the firms by smart and well turned out guards.

Our guard’s services division provides permanent dedicated  unarmed security guards capable of performing duties such as patrol, access control,  reception, console operation, communication and crowd control, with a history of reliable and clean background.

Physical security is not a modern phenomenon. It exists in order to deter persons from entering or compromising a physical area

Intersec has been developing security solutions that prevent or deter predators from theft, vandalism and other serious crimes.

Our seasoned security specialists will help you develop a physical security solution to resist these and other hostile acts. It can be as simple as changing the locks on your door or as advanced as iris scan access control, digital surveillance system and IP CCTV cameras. Each solution will be conceptualized and developed by applying current industry standards, environment, client specification and budget.

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No one can plan for every emergency, but careful planning of your special event will help you determine how much security and other assets are needed. Understanding the dynamic of the venue is critical when deciding what solution works best. The job of access control and managing large events requires strategic planning and resources. Read more about our event security process and experience.

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