Unfortunately, the possibility of violence is all too real in today’s world. As with other types of emergencies, professionals in hospitality should be ready to perform their jobs under stressful conditions. Integrity, calm and professionalism are the necessary character traits if violence erupts or hotel security is threatened.

A commitment to a safe living environment for staff and guests requires strategic planning and   `resources. Before a plan is put in place, identifying the risks that can adversely impact on the performance and profitability are paramount. Managing risk requires innovative access control solutions to avoid and reduce any large disruption in service and control the economic impact after loss has occurred.

If the hospitality executive is committed to a safe environment for staff and guests, having a large security staff alone does not insure adequate safety or security. Officers must be properly trained, supervised and adhere to established policies and protocols. Tasks should be clearly defined for all staff members and a team approach to problem solving should be organized and tested routinely.

What are the benefits?

Evaluating and mitigating risk; reducing insurance and workers’ compensation costs; protecting your assets (guests, visitors and property); managing your liability and exposure to personal injury claims; ensuring you are compliant with all building codes and ordinances related to fire safety; OSHSA, etc. These are just some of the important areas a well thought out security solution will address and have a positive impact on.

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No one can plan for every emergency, but careful planning of your special event will help you determine how much security and other assets are needed and where.

Understanding the dynamic of the venue is critical to deciding what solution works best. The job of access control when managing large events requires strategic planning and resources. Each event requires a seasoned security professional to evaluate what tools are needed and how they are to be deployed. Security specialists may be required to test and review electronic security methods already in place to see how well they interface with other solutions. This could impact on how much physical manpower is required to harden the venue. Security events often require a liaison to connect with local law enforcement or other officials to expedite resolving problems. Selecting key personnel and coordinating your security staff will increase the chance of a successful event and mitigate problems.

High-profile events introduce other security obstacles that must be planned for such as; traffic and pedestrian control, street obstructions, paparazzi or media, personal protection agents for a guest and medical emergencies, to name a few. At the core of all successful security solutions is a highly seasoned team, layered and prepared to address conditions, planned and unplanned for.

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Whether it’s travel for personal pleasure or business, your security and safety dictates that your travel plans are managed with great care and attention.

Intersec provides real-time security risk assessments, specialized concierge services, close protection escorts, advanced reconnaissance and all levels of air and ground support and oversight.

Identifying high-risk travel zones as well as developing detailed travel protocols, will ensure those traveling to high risk destinations are correctly prepared and supported. Additionally, travelers with special needs, i.e. medical or other impairments, will be assured swift access to prescription medication, emergency medical care, specialized transportation, etc.

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Professional security officers, intersec electronic security solutions and pre-employment screening of faculty and staff, are no longer optional. These are just some of many life safety solutions school administrators and educational institutions around the country must consider.

Knowing what you need to reduce risk requires a willingness to recognize your vulnerabilities and committing to a multi-layered strategy in order to protect your greatest assets.

Intersec will be providing schools across the country with smart alternatives to traditional guard services. Using trained security professionals, modern access control, emergency planning and training, we can shift your response from reactive to proactive and increase the potential to save lives. Established evacuation procedures, security patrols, understanding local and national trends in school violence, managing and assessing student threats, and working with the media, are just some of the elements of a well organized school safety program.

Intersec School Emergency Planning services can help your school evaluate the current life safety standards at your school and make recommendations on how to improve response and recovery to an incident. We can assist you with developing crisis response plans, establishing crisis response teams, designing access control solutions, draft your school safety training protocol and table top exercises and refine communication both in and outside of the school facility.

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A Community Based Patrol can be everything from a trained group of volunteers, to an organized group of security professionals utilized to increase the safety and quality of life in a neighborhood.

Using a variety of patrol methods (i.e. vehicle, foot, bicycle, etc.) streets, parks, or schools are patrolled at target hours to deter crime and report incidents and problems to local officials. With limited resources supported by local, state and federal governments, rather than sit back and hope that someone else will take care of a community condition; members are actively and directly involved in solving problems in a community-based, non-confrontational manner.

Community-Based Patrols collaborate with municipalities, crime prevention coordinators, urban planners, police, neighborhood coalitions and associations, and area businesses to help neighborhood problems receive prompt and effective attention.

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