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Professional security officers, intersec electronic security solutions and pre-employment screening of faculty and staff, are no longer optional. These are just some of many life safety solutions school administrators and educational institutions around the country must consider.

Knowing what you need to reduce risk requires a willingness to recognize your vulnerabilities and committing to a multi-layered strategy in order to protect your greatest assets.

Intersec will be providing schools across the country with smart alternatives to traditional guard services. Using trained security professionals, modern access control, emergency planning and training, we can shift your response from reactive to proactive and increase the potential to save lives. Established evacuation procedures, security patrols, understanding local and national trends in school violence, managing and assessing student threats, and working with the media, are just some of the elements of a well organized school safety program.

Intersec School Emergency Planning services can help your school evaluate the current life safety standards at your school and make recommendations on how to improve response and recovery to an incident. We can assist you with developing crisis response plans, establishing crisis response teams, designing access control solutions, draft your school safety training protocol and table top exercises and refine communication both in and outside of the school facility.